Monday, October 3, 2016

Volunteer Groups Did Summer Maintenance At Our Local Schools, see any familiar faces?

            It has been common practice for many years to take advantage of summer time, when school is out of session, to catch up with maintenance of our school buildings.  This year (2016) there has been major work done at Sacopee Valley High School.   The pictures shown below show that the work was not always done by professionals, in fact, parent volunteer groups did a lot of the work to save the town money.  Here are volunteer groups who painted Kezar Falls school classrooms around 1949.  Nearly all of these folks have passed away, including the then young Donna Huntress.  Do you know the missing names?  

 Top row:  ________, Lois Pease, Bert Pease, Lester Jewell and Cliff Bickford.

Bottom row:  Alice Giovanella, ________, Truman Leavitt, Doris Champion, Joe Ridlon, Ruth Merrifield, John Garner, Pauline Garner, Joe Giovanella, Roger Stearns with  Gordon Davis by the paint can.

1st Row: Rev. Henry Megert, Maurice Palmer, Eula Stanley, Mildred Hammond,
Geneva Gilpatrick, Dot Huntress, Theresa Fox, Helen Merrifield, Donna Huntress, Lester Champion, Carl Hammond.
Back Row: ______, Harry Merrifield, Allen Garner, Bertrand Huber, Bernice Huber, Paul Stacy, George Elliott, Clarence Sawyer, ______, “Chick” Davis, ______, & George Doe.

There is still time to buy your quilt raffle tickets!  Drawing will be at our last meeting on October 22, 2016 at 1 pm.

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