Thursday, April 27, 2017

First Meeting of PPHS...

Just a reminder that the first meeting of the PPHS will be this Saturday, April 29, and will take place at 2pm at History House.  It is important that all members attend as a quorum is needed to elect this years officers.  Hope to see you there!


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Early Automobiles

Americans have been in love with their cars since the first automobile was created.  Our local residents were no exception.  Here are a few examples of some early autos in town.
Now that spring is here there will be more cars on the roads as people drive around to enjoy the good weather, go sightseeing and travel to more outdoor events and show off their vehicles.

Allen Garner, Sr. and daughter Eva Garner Chellis.  
 This was the first automobile in Kezar Falls.

Randolph Churchill – Main Street, Kezar Falls.
He became a car dealer.

Harry Cutting of Kezar Falls
Frank Holmes – River Street, Kezar Falls

Archie Stanley – Kezar Falls

Howard MacDonald – Kezar Falls just before
 he drove this car across the county.
Mr. F. H. Townsend, wife Myra (Lougee) Townsend and family - Limerick.

Happy Motoring Everyone!