Monday, May 1, 2017

A Local Landmark is No More

A chapter in local history closed April 28, 2017 as 98 year old building was demolished to make way for  Porter’s new municipal building.

9:00 am April 29, 2017

By 5:00 pm it was all down.  The Fire Department building is seen in the background
where the Town Office will reside until the new building is finished.

Porter Town Hall was originally built in 1919 for Porter High School - the last class graduated in 1967 when the Sacopee Valley High School was built.  It was converted to a grammar school for several years and has served as the Porter Municipal Building since 1986.  It was determined that it was not feasible to renovate it to meet today’s building codes and needs.  The town voted to take it down and rebuild at a special town meeting last year.  

Porter High School prior to 1955