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  1. My Brother Victor C.G. Porter Jr. and his wife Dianne bought a home in Parson field Maine. 62 Elm Street. Its close to the Center of Town. Him and his wife have been doing this home all over. The house he bought was unoccupied for ten years. The ceilings were falling in and the home and Barn were in much needed repair. I visited him recently and him and his wife have done so much work on this treasure. I would love to see the historical Society just acknowledge their work. Their home is all antiques and I loved their passion to not change their home but put it back together. Thank You and I would love to send pictures..

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is always uplifting to hear of people tackling the arduous job of restoring an old home. Please forward pictures to:pphs@

      Jan Iler is the society secretary and "keeper of photographs". I'm sure she would love to hear the story of the homes restoration.