Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Visiting the Devil's Den, Porter, Maine

Spring is here and soon people will be wanting to get out to visit the woods, lakes and mountains and to enjoy nature in the warmer months of the year.  Local residents and visitors alike have always been drawn to explore the woods that surround us here in Porter.  Devil’s Den Mountain, elevation 1,18 feet,  is located northeast of Colcord Pond and northwest of Libby Hill. In the following pictures a group of young adults seek the wonders of the ‘Devil’s Den’ and ‘Cart Road’ about 1910.  

This old photograph below was taken from Walter Libby’s farm on Libby Hill shows the cliffs at Devil’s Den Mountain in the background.  Taken by George French in 1910.

These adventurous folks are in the “Devil’s Cart Road” in the cliffs at Devil’s Den.  Imagine climbing in those long skirts, even suits, white shirts and ties! 
 The view above is looking down the “Devil’s Cart Road”.

 Above, a closer view of the group in the Devil's Den.  The rocks must have been a lot more stable than they are today!

From the top of Devil’s Den the view is spectacular, and looks down on Colcord Pond to the southwest in this photograph taken by George French around 1940. His son Donald and daughter-in-law Madeline are looking east from the back side of Devil’s Den.