Friday, September 7, 2012

Parsonsfield Exhibit...One Day Only!

   To celebrate the History House's publication, "The History of Parsonsfield - a town of many villages", we are mounting an exhibit of photographs of Parsonsfield.  It will be a one day only event on Sunday September 30 from 1-3 pm.  You will be able to purchase the book at that time also if you haven't already.  They are going fast so don't loose out!

   The photograph on the left was taken on Garner Island in Kezar Falls in 1882.  It shows the Comet marching band.  We don't want to "toot our horn" but the book is full of wonderful photographs such as this!

    This is the Olin Banks home on Banks Road.
So much of Parsonsfield in the 19th century was open fields.  Now the house is surrounded by can barely see it!

   Our book pairs old pictures with a current one.  A sort of "Then and Now" approach you'll find fascinating.
   This is the Stanley Bank Building in Kezar Falls.  There were several centers of commerce in Parsonsfield in the 19th century.  The woolen mill its own section in the book. 

   There is so many fascinating facts and images in the book that you really shouldn't miss owning your very own copy.  Porter residents...Kezar Falls is a good size section in the book so you will want to buy a copy to pair with your history of Porter edition!  

Don't forget to buy a copy to send to friends and relatives who have
moved away.  It would make an excellent Christmas present! (Hint, Hint!)