Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Short HIstory of Yard Sales

Did you know that the tradition of the yard sale (a.k.a. garage sale or rummage sale) got its start on the waterfront docks? 

          In the 16th century “romage” was a nautical term relating to how cargo was packed into the hold of a ship.  The first “rummage” sales were held at the docks and cargo that was unclaimed or damaged was sold at a discounted rate.  By the 1890’s, the rummage sale was a common event held by community groups such as churches or charitable organizations to raise money and many people would donate their unused items to be sold off.   In the 1950’s and 60’s the popularity of yard/garage sales grew and anyone who wanted to dispose of their unused items and raise a little cash for themselves or a worthy cause began to hold sales in their yards and garages.  Today, you can find a yard/garage sale on nearly every corner during good weather.

          What a great way to cut down on waste and recycle perfectly good items that are no longer needed or used!   And who knows what hidden treasures are waiting for you to find.

The Parsonsfield-Porter Historical Society will hold their annual


SAT. JULY 7th , 9am – 1pm

at History House,  92 Main Street, Porter (Kezar Falls Village).

Rain or Shine.

Something for everyone.  Come find your treasure!

FMI  625-7019

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