Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Easter" Bonnets

In your Easter bonnet
With all the frills upon it
You’ll be the grandest lady
In the Easter Parade.

I’ll be all in clover
And when they look you over
I’ll be the proudest fella
In the Easter Parade.

This picture of Mr. and Mrs. Dana Weeks of Porter and Brownfield may not have been Easter finery but it brings to mind this familiar song by Irving Berlin.  They certainly do look “grand”.

There was a time when both men and women wore hats and their “dress” clothes whenever they appeared in public or attended a social event and proper etiquette dictated that women always wear a hat or other head covering in church.  At one time there were two or three millinery shops in Kezar Falls.  By the 1970’s dressy hats were pretty much out of fashion. Now hats for women and men are worn mostly for practical reasons.  Following are a few more examples of when hats were in style.

Mrs. Elva Staples Lougee

Mr. Arthur Fogg Lougee and family 

Mrs. Minnie Wilkinson Trueworthy 1902

Mrs. Elsie Ridlon Watson 1950


Mrs. Jennie Doe Pease

 And let's not forget the children!

Carleton and Charles Fox

Happy Easter!

You can listen to Judy Garland sing Easter Bonnet here.  It is from the 1948 movie Easter Parade with Fred Astair. 

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