Monday, January 16, 2017

Dr. Edwin Ruthven Chellis (1841-1925)

Dr. Edwin R. Chellis was an outstanding citizen of Porter.  He not only served the local communities as a practicing physician for over 50 years, he held many town offices and in 1919 was Representative to the State Legislature from the town of Porter.  He is probably best remembered for his contribution to the development of Kezar Falls Village by building several buildings on the Porter side of the river. 

 Dr. Chellis was born in the town of Newfield in 1841 and graduated from the Eclectic Medical College of Philadelphia.  He began his practice in Kezar Falls at his residence on Main Street in May of 1869.  At that time there were only six homes and one in the process of construction on that street.

In 1901 he married Miss Jennie B. Wadsworth of South Hiram.  They had no children and Mrs. Chellis often accompanied her husband on his house calls.  He passed away May 26, 1925 after a long illness.  He was survived by his wife, Jennie and three nephews; William Chellis of Kezar Falls, Dr. E. O. Chellis of Reading, Vermont, and Allie Chellis of Biddeford.

Dr. E. R. Chellis in front of his house on Main Street. 
He was often seen riding his horse on special occasions and in parades.

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