Friday, July 1, 2016

Wedding Bells

June was once thought to be the traditional wedding month and wedding gowns seemed to be thought of as white.  This picture taken about 1942 at the Riverside United Methodist Church in Kezar Falls shows that, in fact, wedding gowns varied greatly and surely not all of these weddings were in June.  Although there were 28 gowns modeled, only 26 are shown in this picture.  Do you recognize anyone?

1st Row: Flora Ridlon Carpenter, Barbara Mason McGowen, Helen Stearns Merrifield, Helen Anderson, Ruth Mason, Helen Churchill Black, Marguerite Bradeen Wright, Gloria Stanley Davis, Mildred Pillsbury Banks, Natalie Caston Doe. 2nd Row: Leatrice Maloon, Olga Fox Wadsworth, Esther Ridlon, Lorraine Stocks Coolbroth, Elizabeth Syphers Palmer, Avis Caston, Marge Marston Churchill, Gertrude Cross, Idolyn Hussey Dunning, Frances Shorthill Stanley, Vera Jane Champion, Virginia Holmes, Leah Merrifield, Edythe Ridlon Day, Eula Tarbox Stanley, Elizabeth Batchelder.  (Christine Elliott and Dorothy Leavitt Davis  are missing.)

Wedding Gown Parade
Newspaper Article Circa 1942
The Wedding Gown Parade which was given in the auditorium of the Methodist Church at Kezar Falls on Tuesday evening was a most enjoyable occasion.  There were 28 wedding gowns modeled.  The oldest was 102 years old, loaned by Mrs. Sadie Sawyer of Porter Village and modeled by Gloria Stanley. [3rd from right, front row.]  Those modeling their own gowns were Gertrude Cross, Mildred Banks, Avis Caston, Ruth Mason, Marguerite Churchill, Elizabeth Batchelder, Christine Elliott, Elizabeth Syphers Palmer, Frances Stanley, and Dorothy Leavitt Davis.  Others who modeled were: Mrs. Flora Carpenter, Mrs. Marguerite Wright, Mrs. Helen Anderson, Mrs. Eula Stanley, Miss Virginia Holmes, Miss Natalie Caston, Miss Leatrice Meloon, Miss Esther Ridlon, Miss Edythe Ridlon, Mrs. Helen Merrifield, Miss Leah Merrifield, Miss Barbara Mason, Miss Olga Fox, Miss Vera Jane Champion, Miss Lorraine Stocks, Miss Idolyn Hussey and Mrs. Helen Black.

The following musical program was a part of the evening’s entertainment with Miss Margaret Chellis presiding at the organ and Mrs. Florence Norton at the piano.  Wedding hymn: solo, “O Promise Me”, Mrs. Flora Carpenter; duet, “The Sweetest Story Ever Told”, Mrs. Ina Emery and Orion Stanley; solo, “Because”, Miss Vera Jane Champion; trio, “At Dawning”, Miss Margaret Strout, Mrs. Ina Emery and Miss Margaret Chellis; solo, “I Love You Truly”, Gordon West; chorus, “Moonlight and Roses”. 

Mrs. Evelyn Flood was the commentator.  The Daisy Class sponsored the affair with Mrs. Ina Emery, chairman, assisted by Mrs. Myrtie Stanley, Mrs. Evelyn Watkins, Mrs. Florence Norton, Miss Margaret Strout and Mrs. Alice G. Merrifield.

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