Thursday, February 12, 2015

Remembering my Father on Valentine's Day...

   Lloyd Trueworthy, my father, was born in 1920 in Porter, Maine.  He attended local schools and spent his childhood days on the farm owned by his parents  Harry and Minnie Trueworthy. He spent his younger years working closely working with his father learning  how to cut and pack  ice from Trafton Pond, growing  vegetables and raising animals that were sold to the local stores. Lloyd  and his wife Isabel bought their own farm in 1947 located on the Brownfield Road.  After his father's death in 1952  Lloyd took over running the farm where he continued to raise vegetables and sold milk to the Elm Row Dairy. Vegetables, milk and eggs were all sold to Camp Hiawatha (now The Maine Teen Camp) in the summer months.

    Lloyd and Isabel raised five children who in turn helped work on the farm. Arlyn, Ken and Larry still talk about  getting up early in the  morning  going to the barn with their father  to milk the cows and do the chores before getting on the bus at 7:00.  Lloyd used his oxen to cut wood and then sold firewood to the local residents. He was known as a Jack of All Trades. He made his own ox yokes  and ox gourds. He even made the rings and pins for the ox  yokes in his  Blacksmith Shop. Lloyd was well known at Fryeburg Fair where he pulled his own oxen every October.   He became skilled at dousing for water when locals were digging a well. He and Isabel  continued to live on the family farm until his death  in 1980.

  by  Sylvia Trueworthy Pease

These Valentines belonged to Lloyd Trueworthy and are now in the possession of his daughter Sylvia.

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