Thursday, October 2, 2014


Public tours of the Blazo-Leavitt House will be available October 3rd, 5th and 19th through MSAD 55 Adult & Community Education.  Advance reservations are required – call 207 625-3092.

Cost: donations at the time of the tour will benefit the Parsonsfield-Porter
           Historical Society. 

Location: 515 North Road (Route 160 South in North Parsonsfield across from Pars Sem).

Tour Guide: Peter Cyr - the present owner who purchased the property in Nov. 2013 and
Is in the process of extensive restorations.  Thus, it is very much a “work in progress”.  

The Blazo-Leavitt house was built in 1812 by William Blazo, uncle to prominent Parsonsfield lawyer Robert Tibbetts Blazo. Oral tradition holds that Robert Blazo, as a young man of fifteen in 1812, and later aged twenty in 1817, had helped with the construction of his uncle’s house. Robert was bound out to William when his father, Daniel, died in an accident in1802.  Later, ownership passed to Robert and then to his two daughters and eventually to Susan (Blazo) Leavitt’s son, Robert Greenleaf Leavitt.  The property remained in the family until it was sold by Robert Leavitt’s daughter, Constance (Leavitt) Hanson in 1974.  

This large two story house has five large brick chimneys, unique doorways and interior details.  What is now the large ell was built in 1812 and the main house built in 1817.  It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Robert Tibbetts Blazo began his career as a schoolmaster, went on to become a lawyer and was an influential resident of Parsonsfield.  He conveyed the land and was instrumental in establishing Parsonsfield Seminary located across the road from this house.  (For more details check Wickipedia on the internet.)


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