Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Visit to the Playhouse Theater...

   The new owner, or as he calls himself, steward, of the the old Playhouse Theater, Silas Hagerty, gave historical society members and local residents a very informative tour of the renovated theater on Saturday, June 28, 2014.

   Silas, along with countless friends who donated their time to the massive renovation project, has done a masterful job bringing the old theater back.  There are still seats to restore and install but you can see that it won't be too long before the smell of popcorn will again grace the lobby.

   Silas has promised to keep us appraised of the progress of the theater and we will post updates here on the blog as they become available.  We all wish Silas best of luck in his endeavor and thank him for saving this local landmark.

   On another note, our annual yard/bake sale was a huge success!  We were so lucky to have dodged Hurricane Arthur and the day went extremely well thanks to all the volunteers, including the Kezar Falls Boy Scouts, who helped us set up in record time.  Nothing like a little muscle to make things go quickly!

   A special thanks to all who donated things for us to sell.  The quality of the items was especially good this year which helped a lot.

This is also fair week in South Hiram and the historical society, along with Hiram and Cornish, will again be mounting an exhibit at the fair grounds in the Grange Building.

 This year, our theme is "Grandma's Attic".  We will have a special dress up corner for the kids and we will be selling raffle tickets for our lovely quilt.

  Do stop by and say "Hi!" and get your raffle tickets or a copy of the historical societies' histories of Parsonsfield and Porter.

   Our next meeting, on July 26, 2014 will feature Brian Bouchard from the Maine Genealogy Society.  His talk will be "Digging for your Roots: Genealogy 101".  There will be more information to follow but pencil this date in.  It should prove very interesting.

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