Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Bandstand on Garner Island

   If you look west up the river from the bridge in Kezar Fall Village you can’t miss seeing the little island with the charming cottage that is located close to the bridge. It is reached from Elm Street by a driveway to a small access bridge.

    In the 1880’s the island, owned by Allen Garner, was used as a park. For a few years there was a small bandstand on the island that was reached by a footbridge from the middle of the old Kezar Falls covered bridge.


The Kezar Falls Cornet Band at the island bandstand about 1882
L-R: Albion Fox, Jake Libby, Sydney Stacy, Frank Shaw, Al Stone, Clint Stone, Charles O. Stacy, R. Fulton Wormwood, Walter Newbegin, Walter Fowler, unidentified, and John Ridlon.

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