Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Tarbox Farm on Moore Mountain Road

Tarbox Farm 1908

   Moore Mountain Road (now a discontinued road known as the Frank Merrill Road) was located just above the Middle Road Village. 

   It use to be populated with several homesteads as well as the Emerson School House.  It ran from west to east starting at Middle Road where it intersected with Emerson Road and continued east to Merrill Hill Road.

Emerson School house.
   Most, if not all of the houses, were abandoned by the mid 1930’s and the properties were bought by the Leavitt Plantation.  We have recently acquired pictures of the Tarbox homestead and Emerson School House from Carl Tarbox of Cornish, Maine.    

The 1872 map indicates this property belonged to G. Tarbox.  That was George Bedell Tarbox, Carl’s great-great grandfather.  He and his wife, Adeline (Hasty) Tarbox had 13 children most of whom grew to adulthood here.  Their son Lorenzo and his wife Josephine were probably the last generation to work the farm.  Carl’s father, George D. Tarbox and his sister spent their childhood here.

   The Emerson School House, District #5, was located at the intersection of Moore Mountain Road, Middle Road and Emerson Road from 1802 to 1897.  Nothing remains here today.


  1. George B.& Adeline Tarbox were my maternal great-grandparents. Have enjoyed many hikes up this road to the foundation of this old homestead. There is a family cemetery behind the foundation. My grandmother, Mary E. Tarbox, born 1872, must have attended Emerson School.

  2. George B. & Adeline were my paternal great-grandparents; my father was born to Loring, Lorenzo's twin; I've been told there's a "family" cemetery in Parsonsfield?

  3. I hope this information helps:

    George B. and Adeline Tarbox are both buried in the Maplewood Cemetery as well as George D., Esther, Lorenzo, Josephine and Maurice Tarbox. Maplewood Cemetery is located on the west side of the South Parsonsfield Road, .3 miles north of the Newfield line at the intersection. The family cemetery of Thomas Tarbox is off the north side of Moore Mountain Road, near the barn foundation north of the cellar. There are 8 unmarked graves there. As a point of reference this cemetery is 150 yards east of the Wedgewood-Knapp-Neal-Chase cemetery which is on the south side of Moore Road at the crest of a long grade up from Middle Road at the Emerson School House site; a stone fence encloses most of it with many gravestones.