Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rufus McIntire of Parsonsfield

   Rufus McIntire served as a captain of the US 3rd Artillery in the War of 1812 and raised a company of over 100 men in York County. He served throughout the war on the frontier of New York. 

   Born in York, Maine, he graduated from Dartmouth with high honors. He came to Parsonsfield in 1817 and lived in Middle Road Village for the rest of his life. He held many public offices including representative to the state government, county attorney, US Congressman, land agent, US Marshall and surveyor.

    He is credited with helping to avert a third war with England by settling the Aroostook boundary dispute. His family occupied the home that was originally built for Benjamin Rolfe.  It is located at the corner of Middle Road and Merrill Hill Road –just below the Town House. He is buried in the Town House Cemetery in Parsonsfield.

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